How do I edit my profile?

Navigate to the menu, tap on your profile photo and tap the pencil icon. From this screen you can edit the majority of your profile entries.

  • Myself (your bio), Occupation, University and Interests - If these fields are empty, just tap the + icon to open them. Add your text and then tap Add. On Android, don't forget to tap Save before exiting the screen. If you wish to update these fields, just tap on an existing entry (Android) or on "Change..." (iOS).

  • Gender - Adjust the toggle to make your selection.

  • Level of faith and Education/Degree - Select the option that applies to you from the list provided. You'll have to tap in the Degree field to open the list if you're using the Android app. If the Education/Degree field is empty, just tap the + icon to find the list.

  • Height - Adjust the slider to your correct height.

Some of these fields will have a toggle where you can decide if you would like to display this information on your profile.

Your name, age, current location, Home Town, Languages, Music and TV entries can be updated by tapping Update Facebook Interests as they are linked to your Facebook account. If you wish to change these entries, you must do so on Facebook.